Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sparkle Nail Lacquer "Stringing You Along"

Hello Lovelies! I'm so happy to be writing to all of you! In "real life", I am buried under a pile of stuff I need to get done for I'd much rather be here with you for a bit. =) For today, I am super duper excited to show you this polish!! 

So, if you had asked me yesterday if I was a big fan of bar glitter, I would've said, "ehh...yes and no." Ask me again today, and the answer has changed to "the more bar, the better!" I've officially been converted, thanks to Sparkle Nail Lacquer and the fantastic "Stringing You Along". I like the cool textural effect and the irridescent sparkles~it's like my nails have grown gorgeous glittery hairs! lol

Here is Sparkle Nail Lacquer "Stringing You Along" over a base coat of Color Club Miss Bliss.
The polish applied very easily and required very little manipulation to keep the bar glitters where I wanted them. Seriously! (And look at all those colors!)
This is one coat of Sparkle Nail Lacquer "Stringing You Along". It's packed with "micro black, pink, and teal slices, long bars of white, orange and silver holos, and medium pink and blue bars." 
I was amazed at the speed of the drying time for this polish~it was VERY quick!
I only needed one coat of Seche Vite for my topcoat to seal this beauty.

I am a huge fan of this polish! It is probably one of the most unique polishes in my collection and I was extremely pleased with how easily it applied and dried. 
To purchase "Stringing You Along" and many other Sparkle Nail Lacquers, you can visit their shop here and make sure you like Sparkle Nail Lacquers on FB to stay updated on restocks and new polish releases. This is one polish you don't want to miss!

Have a wonderful day and as always,
Happy Lacquering! =)

*This polish was sent for my honest review*


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