Monday, February 25, 2013

Mod Lacquer Flavor Crystals and Moonbeam

Hello Lovelies! I have been completely blown away by the quality and beauty of the Mod Lacquers I've swatched over the week-end. And the two polishes I have left to show you are beyond gorgeous!

First up is Mod Lacquer Flavor Crystals.
This is two coats of Flavor Crystals with CG Sweet Hook as undies.  It's sooo dreamy!!
Flavor Crystals is "a transparent lavender jelly base with white square and hex glitter as well as lavender and purple hex glitters."
The base of this polish reminds me of a yummy grape soda and the glitters really pop! ^.^
*I used one coat of Gelous to smooth out the glitter and Seche Vite as a topcoat.
I got more compliments on this polish than I can count on both hands!! I absolutely love it and I can say with confidence that I'll need a backup for this one! =)
And now I'd like to share Mod Lacquer Moonbeam.
This is Moonbeam with A England Camelot undies.
Moonbeam is a "duo-chrome nail polish. The primary color is a bright blue that shifts to purple." Ahhhh...
I was mesmorized by the color flashes between blue and purple in this polish.
It's simply stunning over Camelot.
*I used one coat of Seche Vite on this mani as a topcoat.
If you are not a Mod Lacquer owner yet, I urge you to take the plunge. The polishes are amazing to work with and they look FANTASTIC!! ^.^

To purchase these and other Mod Lacquers, visit the shop here. Make sure you head over and like Mod Lacquer on FB to stay updated on restocks and new polish releases.

Have a fantastic day and as always,
Happy Lacquering! =)

*This polish was sent for my honest review*

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