Sunday, June 16, 2013

PolisHaus Holo Polishes

Hello Lovelies! I am a huuuuuge fan of holos, so when Lesley from PolisHaus sent me FIVE scattered holos to review, I seriously squealed! All five of the polishes had great application, with no pooling and only a touch of streaking with a few. I was thrilled with every one and I hope you enjoy them.
I have a LOT of pics to share! :) 

This is PolisHaus Peach Fuzz (two coats).
This is PolisHaus Maroon (two coats).
This is PolisHaus Ultra Violet (three coats).
This is PolisHaus Carribbean Green (three coats).
This is PolisHaus Chestnut (three coats).
I truly loved these polishes. While I thought that Maroon had the highest holo effect, I still found myself seriously drawn to all of them. @.@
The colors Lesley created are simply divine. 
To purchase these and other PolisHaus polish, visit Lesley's shop here. Also, make sure you follow Lesley on Instagram at polishaus to stay updated on restocks, sales, and new polish releases.

Thanks for stopping by and as always,
(These polishes were sent for my honest review.)


  1. They all look great~ Awesome amount of holo in each :)

  2. Pretty holos! So many wonderful colors! Fabulous swatches! :)