Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dragon Lacquer Gam3r Gir1, Zombocalypse, and AWESOME Hand Care Products

Hello Lovelies! As I mentioned earlier, I recently discovered Dragon Lacquer and I have been fortunate enough to share a handful of Kevan's amazing polishes with you. I said in my last review, and I quote, "I was impressed with the formula of all four of the polishes that Kevan sent my way~they applied flawlessly and required no glitter fishing (when applicable)". You can check out my other review here!

Ok, let's get this party started! @.@

This is Dragon Lacquer Gam3r Gir1.
Gam3r Gir1 is a "custom handmade nail lacquer with matte neon blue and purple micro-glitter with holographic uber micro glitter in a clear suspension base".
I ADORE THIS POLISH!!!! I really think I need the entire Gam3r Gir1 Collection. Immediately.
I applied two coats of Gam3r Gir1 over one coat of FP Expressionism, followed by one coat of Seche Vite as topcoat.
Pure Perfection.
Announcement: Dragon Lacquer also has awesome hand care products! Kevan sent me the following to try out. Let me share my thoughts with you!
Fluffy Lemon Cuticle Butter
Fluffy Lemon Cuticle Butter - 1 oz
Scent: very, very light (which I love)
Immediately: creamy and oily...very addicting combo. This one takes a while to absorb into your cuticles (have Netflix/your movie started before you put it on) but it's well worth the wait.
*Results: yummy, soft cuticles  
Uber Dragon Butter Creme Cream
Uber Dragon Butter Creme Hand Cream - 2 oz
Scent: unscented...
Immediately: very creamy with a tiny touch of oil. It felt like I was scooping my thirsty hands into a vat of water. They immediately soaked up the creme the first few times I used it. Now I use a little less, with the same relieving feeling. 
*Results: well-hydrated, soft, happy hands 
Handmade Cuticle Oil
SAMPLE - Handmade Cuticle Oil
Scent: I chose lemon. It is an AWESOME lemon because it's not sweet! It actually smells like freshly squeezed lemons. ^.^
Immediately: oily (are you surprised? lol)
*Results: soft, hydrated cuticles that smell delicious 
*I have used other products before and in conjunction with these products.
This is Dragon Lacquer Zombocalypse.
Zombocalypse is a "custom handmade nail lacquer with multiple sizes of neon green, neon pink, and bright purple hex with silver holographic hex and micro glitter in a clear suspension".
I used one coat of A England Camelot as undies and one coat of Zombocalypse to create this manicure. To finish, I applied one more coat of Seche Vite to "smooth it out and give it a glass-like finish and bring out the rainbow flashes from the holographic glitter".
During the application, I simply swirled my brush around in the bottle in order to collect the maximum amount of glitter. I actually found that I had too many glitters *gasp* and I had to swipe them back into my bottle!
When I brushed the polish onto my nail, I took a few seconds per nail to place the glitter, but most of them just went exactly where I wanted them to.
Look at that sparkle!

My opinion regarding Dragon Lacquer is...BUY THEM ALL! And make sure to save a few for me, please. 
BONUS: orders placed before June 30th can use the code COLORSPLASH10 to save 10%! YaY!
To purchase the reviewed hand care products, Gam3r Gir1, Zombocalypse, and other Dragon Lacquer polishes, visit Kevan's shop here. Also, make sure you head over and like DragonLadyNails on FB to stay updated on restocks and new polish releases.

Have a fantastical day and as always,


Happy Lacquering! =)

*These polishes/products were sent for my honest review*