Saturday, June 8, 2013

BellsKandi Polishes

Hello Lovelies! Have I got a treat for you this afternoon! Natalie of BellsKandi Polish asked me to review some of her beautiful polishes and I was super excited!!! Have you ever seen BellsKandi Polishes before?!? When I saw them on Instagram, it was love at first sight. And now...well, just let me show you.  

This is BellsKandi Military Mary.
Military Mary is a "full coverage thermal that will change from green to yellow when warm. (It will glow under a black light).
There's a nice, subtle camouflage feel to it.
This is two coats of Military Mary with no topcoat. I love the matte-like finish of this polish.
 This is BellsKandi Pink Elephants.
(I used 1 coat of FP Paper Mache for undies).
Pink Elephants is part of the Ravers Paradise Collection (1of 5). "It is a full coverage neon that does not require an undie to reach opacity."
Pink Elephants (one coat, no topcoat) "also glows in the dark and under a black light".
And...this is BellsKandi PlumBerry.
PlumBerry is a "triple change jelly thermal. It changes from jelly purple, to light blue, to milky white". 
This is three beautiful coats of PlumBerry with no topcoat.
Look at that monochromatic gorgeousness!!
To purchase BellsKandi Polish, visit Natalie's shop here. She is planning a restock for the middle of June. To stay updated on restocks follow Natalie on Instagram @bellskandi.

Thanks for stopping by and as always,
Happy Lacquering! =)

*These polishes were sent for my honest review*