Saturday, January 7, 2012

Seche Vite UV light and top coat

Let me start by saying that I was fairly clueless as to what UV lamps work with what polishes, as I am an art teacher obsessed with nail art. However, with that being said, I did ask around a bit and I discovered that Seche Ultra-V can be used with basically any UV lamp. In 3 minutes, the layers of polish are completely dry and super shiny.

I picked up this Seche Ultra-V portable lamp at Sally's a couple weeks ago and it works pretty well. My thumbs have to be done separately, which is the only teensy complaint I can really think of. And I do have to watch the clock, too...3 minutes flies by when I'm not paying attention! :)

As for the Seche Ultra-V top coat~I must first start by saying:PEEEEE-EWWWWW! I think it is the funkiest smelling top coat ever! It smells like some weird ground pepper mixed with cooked lacquer. I actually put a coat of Out The Door OVER the Seche Ultra-V top coat just to mask the stinkiness. >.<  (It did help...if you're wondering.)

Has anyone else tried this system out yet? How about longevity? I have only had the patience to keep a mani on for 6 days since getting this duo, so I can vouch for at least the first 6 days!


  1. Hmmm...looks interesting. I, like you, probably don't have the patience to keep a mani on for very long. I'm usually for the tiniest chip by day 3 as an excuse to take all my polish off.

  2. Aleta~this light has been working really well with the Lacquistry polish! It seals the lacquer perfectly. However, I love changing my polish so much that I'm becoming a "frequent foiler" as of late. :)