Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lovin' Lacquistry Nail Polish

Let me start by saying that I am totally in love with this lacquer. No question about it. It's amazing. Every time I wear it I get tons of compliments and I can't stop looking at my gorgeous nails. Seriously, my family gets a little tired of me saying, "Look at my nails! They look so freaking awesome!" But in all honesty, these polishes are PACKED with glitter that varies in size, shape, and color to make a one-of-a-kind mani experience. 

According to Lacquistry's creator, Jenna, each lacquer is uniquely created "in order to bring to life the visions I see in my head. I create nail polish that is not typically found in stores due to their offbeat inspirations- polishes such as Gutter Snow and Happiness is a Warm Gun." She has definitely hit a home-run in my book!!

My Lacquistry collection (thus far) consists of: Winter No. 1, Lake Placid, Devil's Dandruff, Donald Trump's Iguana, and I'm Not Scared But I Think I'll Hide. 

The PROS of using Lacquistry~the colors are GORGEOUS (did I mention that?!), ease of use, ordering from Jenna was a pleasant experience and one I definitely look forward to repeating again, and again...oh, and removal of the lacquer was so simple! I just used the "foil method". I'll post that later--my fingers reminded me of a wonky robot from the 80's, but hey! Whatever works, right? 

As far as the CONS of using Lacquistry--I can't think of one. And that's sincerely the truth. 
I hope you enjoy the pics and I will have more to post in the upcoming week. I can vouch that Lacquistry polish stays on for a solid 6 days chip-free for me, but that is the longest I have been able to wait before changing colors. >.< 

Here's Winter No. 1. I LOVE this one so much! 
Here is Lake Placid. This one has a little deeper blue green gel base and smaller hex glitter. Love it!
 And lastly, this little baby is Devil's Dandruff! As soon as I got these "shimmering golden red flakes in a sheer jelly red base" on my nails, I was thrilled with the results! 
 If you are as enticed as I am by these lovely lacquers, check out Lacquistry on and start your collection! Let me know which ones you get. I'd love to know! =)


  1. I am so in love with Devil's Dandruff and a few others. They are on my list as the next polishes I am buying. I really wish you had package deals for people who want to buy multiples. That would be awesome!

  2. I have Golf Socks by Lacquistry. It is, hands-down, my favorite polish ever! I really want several others, but am waiting for money. Winter #1 is on my list and Lake Placid on Acid as well! Your pictures are gorgeous! You can check out my post on Golf Socks if you like, on my blog. It is in my top 5 most popular posts. I promise you, that you will want it once you see it!

  3. Aleta~I love Devil's Dandruff so much! One of my students said my nails look like they are "a shiny new sports car". XD They are so amazingly sparkly!!

  4. Illustratedlady~YaY!! Another die-hard fan!! Golf Socks has been on my "must-have" list. Thanks for the the link~Your pics are amazing and I love your blog! Btw--You will totally melt (pun completely intended lol) when you put on Winter No. 1. My pics are nowhere near as GORGEOUS as the polish looks in person. :)

    1. Mine came in the mail yesterday and I posted pictures of my haul tonight! I got three of the four in your post here! I also got Blackberry Cordial which I haven't seen blogged about yet! Can't wait to try them all on! AND I just ordered three more. LOL She is officially my favorite!

    2. I just visited your blog and saw your lovely haul~it's BEAUTIFUL! I am loving Blackberry Cordial and Denim and Rivets, too...I'm looking forward to your posts on those two. Jenna is so amazing and her polishes are such a work of art! =) They just make me smile! She's definitely my favorite, as well.

  5. Aleta~Lacquistry Nail Polish is owned Jenna Herder, not me. I apologize if there was any confusion there. I'm just a humble polish addict! :)

  6. Wow, these are all gorgeus *.*

    Hope you don't mind me posting a link here, I just wanted to invite you to join my first nail polish giveaway :)

  7. Let's Polish~What a great giveaway! I joined your blog, too. XD