Monday, January 16, 2012

Line Design

Linear designs have always caught my eye and I've loved painting rainbow designs since I was a little girl. Once I started creating nail art, I was thrilled to discover the exciting phenomena of striping brushes! I immediately began practicing my skills at painting straight lines. When I began, my lines looked a bit like I was painting blind-folded on a rocking boat. However, I have noticed an improvement. The practice really does help! ;)

I used Claire's scented nail polish minis for the rainbows, CG White on White, and LA Colors Art Deco in black. I love the LA Art Deco striping polishes~they have so many colors!

What's your favorite striping polish? I'm thinking of doing a giveaway with some LA Colors Art Deco polishes, since they are my favorite. Anyone interested? =)

This idea was inspired by a photo from I found on a google search. Thanks!!


  1. I didn't realize they had scented nail polish? What does it smell like. I would think nail polish would smell like nail polish.

    1. Lisa~it's fruit scented and I keep smelling my nails like a wierdo! My hubby says they smell like Runts candy(lol)~It's awesome. :)