Wednesday, January 11, 2012


My new-found love for all-things-glittery has come with one obnoxious side effect: polish removal. The first time I tried taking the gorgeous piles of hex-laden lacquer off I thought my arms were going to fall off instead. I had glitter everywhere; all over my fingers, my hands, up my arms, and worst of all, still on my nails! :(

Until, thank GOODNESS, I discovered the foil method.

First, I cut tin foil into some strips.

Next, I double splashed a cotton ball in pure acetone and placed it on my glittery fingernail.

Then, I took the foil strip and snugly wrapped it around the cotton ball.

(I repeated this until one full hand was foiled.) 

Time: 8-10 min. (for each hand)

Finally, I carefully unwrapped the foil (I reused the same pieces on the other hand) and gently wiped away any residual glitter or polish on my nail.

It's really that easy! Then I repeated on the other hand~ in 20 min. I was glitter-free and ready for my next super glitzy manicure. Bring on the sparkle!

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