Saturday, January 12, 2013

Shimmer Giveaway Polishes

Hello Lovelies! I had a wonderful surprise last weekend when I found out that I had won a giveaway from Shimmer Polish. When my package came, I was super excited to see what polish would be inside. I was stunned to find TWO gorgeous, glitterly, shimmery polishes in my prize pack! They've both been named Giveaway. =)

The first bottle of Shimmer Giveaway has small glitters in green, gold, and bright pops of red. It was difficult to capture this polish because the colors were so bright and sparkly. 
This mani was done using A England Dragon undies and one coat of Gelous.
The second bottle of Shimmer Giveaway blew me away the moment I saw it. It was love at first sight! Small teal, light purple and dark purple glitters are accented with medium sized light purple hex glitters.
Absolutely heavenly.
This mani was done using A England Avalon undies and one coat of Gelous.
Both polishes went on like a dream. The glitters were perfectly dispersed and both were one coaters (with A England undies). I would definitely recommend that you add some Shimmer in your life! You can find Shimmer polishes on etsy or her home page. Make sure to visit her Facebook page, too. Polishes are $12 and she will make custom polishes for $15.
I hope you enjoyed my Shimmer Giveaway Swatches. They are both gorgeous polishes and she has lots of others to check out in her shops.
Have a fantastic week-end and as always,
Happy Lacquering! =)