Thursday, January 17, 2013

KB Shimmer Don't Teal Anyone

Hello Lovelies! I'm here with another KB Shimmer Polish called Don't Teal Anyone. The polish is described as "a deep teal base with gold, teal, blue, navy and fuchsia hexes in several sizes, and micro fuchsia bars". 

This polish is so pretty! It's beautiful inside (the bottle) and out. =)
I could (ahem~and should) have EASILY stopped with two coats, but I have a serious glitter I went with three. I should have only used two because it caused my mani to turn out looking waaaaay too thick for my liking.  
Don't Teal Anyone dried very quickly after each of the coats I applied.
I used two coats of Seche Vite to smooth it out.
 One surprise to Don't Teal Anyone is that it's actually a darker teal than it photographs.

You can find Christy on FB and her homepage. KB Shimmer products can also be purchased on etsy. Christy has other products as well that I have heard rave reviews about.
Have a great day and as always,
Happy Lacquering! =)


  1. I have been wanting this one, but now, I HAVE to have this! Its gorgeous and such a playful color!

  2. i freaking love this! reminds me of mermaids

  3. so much want!!!

    thank you for sharing this!