Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Polish Addict Neon Nights and Rainbow Concrete

Hello Lovelies! I have officially found a new brand of polish to love! YaY!! Even though Polish Addict may already be on the top of your list, now that it's on the top of mine, I have to gush for a couple more seconds. Laura sent me four polishes to review and I was literally floored when I saw them. Each one of them is unique and beautiful! The formulation was consistent with all four, which simply means that the polishes were fabulous (and user friendly) to work with. Now...onto the pretties!

This is Polish Addict Neon Nights. 
Neon Nights is a "white crelly with matte neon glitters matte black Rectangles and matte black circles."
I used three coats of Neon Nights, one coat of Gelous, and one of Seche Vite. Neon Nights layered perfectly and had great coverage.
I did have to fish for the large matte black circles, but that is very common with any polish with heavy glitters. The end result was well worth the extra minute it took to find the circles!  
This is Polish Addict Rainbow Concrete.
Rainbow Concrete is "a grey crelly with a rainbow mix of glitters in a variety of shapes and sizes".
This polish built up beautifully in just three coats. I used one coat of Seche Vite to seal the mani and it was finished!
I was completely enamored with the unique pieces of glitter seemingly stuck in the pavement.
Up close, do you see how the glitter looks like rainbow shards sparkling in a sidewalk?

I was very pleased with these two and I am excited to show you two more very soon! My final word on Neon Nights and Rainbow Concrete: they are must haves for lovers of glitter, crelly polish, Polish Addict, and gorgeous nail polishes! ^.^

I do believe that I have became a Polish Addict addict.  

To purchase Neon Nights, Rainbow Concrete, and other Polish Addict polishes, you can shop bigcartel or Polish Addict Outlet. Also, make sure you head over and like My Overnight Addiction to Polish on FB and find Laura on IG at polishaddictnailcolor.

You can also follow me on IG at colorsplashnails. I'd love to see you there!

Thanks for dropping by and as always,

Happy Lacquering! =)

*This polish was sent for my honest review*


  1. Very pretty colors! Never tried anything from this brand but I'll have to check them out :)

  2. This is WONDERFUL!! I really love nail polish that comes in different colors and designs. When I was a kid it was really my dream that when I reach college I will use different shades of nail polish, because in our school we're not allowed to use any. However, when i reached college I still wasn't able to achive my dreams because of strict rules. But now that i am working, I can enjoy any color and design I want and i will surely try this.- www.jcconcretepolishing.com