Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jindie Nails Baby Doll

Hello Lovelies! I've got a beauty to show you that I believe pretty much speaks for itself. Take a look. :)

This is Jindie Nails Baby Doll.
 "The colors in Baby Doll are satin pink, blue, lavender, green and matte white. This also has some beautiful color shifting squares in it." Yes, I go bonkers for glitter. That's already been established. However, Baby Doll has that amazing pinkish iridescent shimmer that just lit up my nails and I am really loving it!
I used one coat of A England Camelot as undies in the top pics and one coat of CG Dance Baby in the bottom pics. 
While I found Baby Doll to be a touch thick, I was able to apply the glitters easily and needed very little glitter placement.  To finish, I applied one coat of Gelous to smooth the glitters and one coat of Seche Vite as topcoat and to speed the drying time.
 I love that Baby Doll is such versatile polish and I can wear it over so many of my favorite colors. This is just two of the many possiblities I am thinking of! =)

To purchase Baby Doll or other polishes by Jindie Nails, visit Jen's shop here. Make sure you head over and like Jindie Nails on FB to stay updated on restocks and new polish releases.

Have a wonderful evening and as always,

Happy Lacquering! =)

*This polish was sent for my honest review.

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