Sunday, March 3, 2013

Glitterfied Nails Easter Egg Basket Collection

Hello Lovelies! Have I got a treat for you!! Today I've got Glitterfied Nails Easter Egg Basket Collection and it's an amazing mix of sweet glittery pastel polishes. So hold on to your bonnets, gals!

The formula for all four polishes was wonderful. They applied easily and smoothly. All four polishes needed one coat of Seche Vite as a topcoat and they were ready to go.

Let me start with Glitterfied Nails Speckled Egg.
This is one coat of Speckled Egg with one coat of CG Lemon Fizz undies. I love how yummy this polish looks!
Speckled Egg is "a lemon chiffon colored base polish with accents of matte green and purple, bubblegum pink and periwinkle hexes." 
Next is Glitterfied Nails Lavender Mist.
This is one coat of Lavender Mist with one coat of CG Sweet Hook undies.
I really appreciate the softness of this glittery polish.
Lavender Mist is "pale lavender base accented with purple, rose and white holographic glitter and ultrafine magenta."
Now we have Glitterfied Nails Pickled Egg.
This is one coat of Pickled Egg with one coat of CG Dance Baby undies.
The glitters in this polish are so beautiful together. I wore this one for a few days and I could not stop staring at my nails! 
Pickled Egg is "subdued magenta like a pickled egg and speckled with ultrafine red, aqua and magenta glitter, red hex glitter and rose holographic glitter."
And here is Glitterfied Nails Peacock Egg.
This is three coats of Peacock Egg with no undies.
Peacock Egg is "subdued peacock teal blue with accents of holographic teal glitter, ultrafine teal, teal hexes and the surprise of teal diamonds."
I love the teal diamonds that pop out of nowhere! :)
This collection is fabulous! I love how Pickled Egg and Peacock Egg look with my skin tone. This summer, when my hands are tan, I will defintely rock yellow much better. >.< Which ones do you like? What color works for you?

To purchase the Easter Egg Basket Collection and other polishes from Glitterfied Nails, visit Andrea's shop here. Make sure you head over and like Glitterfied Nails on FB to stay updated on restocks and new polish releases.

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Have fun shopping and as always,

Happy Lacquering! =)

*This polish was sent for my honest review*