Monday, February 13, 2012

Lacquistry: Donald Trump's Iguana

Hi Readers! I've brought you another favorite of mine from my Lacquistry Nail Polish collection called Donald Trump's Iguana. In Jenna's description, she says, "No boring animals for Donald Trump- if he had a pet Iguana it would be big, expensive, shiny, and wearing a bejeweled collar. There would be a special spotlight for him, and he would bask in the admiration of The Donald's visitors. And even the iguana would know how silly Trump's hair looks." LOL! What else can I possibly say?!

These pics were takes with one coat CG Platinum Silver underneath and sealed with Seche Vite.
This polish is extremely packed full of hex glitters, making it very easy to cover your nails with the most bling possible without having to dig around forever. Have you visited Jenna at her Lacquistry shop? (If you click here, it will take you straight there!)

I wish I had better pics to share with you. My lighting was I apologize for that. ._.
I hope you enjoyed and as always, Happy Lacquering! =)