Monday, February 6, 2012

Curvy Lines

Good afternoon! I hope you all had an incredible week-end.  *.*  For today, I'm excited to share with you my curvy line manicure. There was no real rhyme or reason to this design~I simply knew that for sure, I was going to use Zoya Danni in this mani.
Mission Accomplished!

With 2 coats of Zoya Danni on, I felt compelled to add more to my manicure. That's when the lovely curvy lines with Kiss Nail Art in Pearl Blue were carefully added. =)

Have you tried Zoya Danni? This color is stunningly beautiful~it absolutely sparkles in the sunlight!
After a few hours, I was inspired to add a bit more to my design! I used Stripe Rite's It's So Easy in Lite Blue to add fun dots to the tips of each curved line.
I love the end results! What do you think?
I hope you enjoyed my curvy line mani. Which do you prefer: with or without the dots?  
Have a fantastic day & Happy Lacquering! =)


  1. Thanks, sweetie~I like it that way, too!! =)

  2. I really love Danni. If you'd like a bottle of Princess Abby I still have a couple left, just shoot me and email and we can discuss the details.

  3. I really like this, nice colors!