Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Challenge: Spring Splatter

Hello Lovelies! For today on The Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge, my task was to create a Spring Splatter!

To create this mani, I used White on White and Seche Vite for my base. Then I tried using a straw to get the splatter effect using four different China Glaze colors: Something Sweet, Bahamian Escape, Re-Fresh Mint, and Sweet Hook.

The straw method was hilarious for me, as the polish sort of flew all over in great big splotches. I will definitely try this again, but with a much smaller straw next time. Clean up was fairly easy because I taped around my nails, which saved me tons of time in the long run. Without further ado, I shall show you my HUGE Spring Splats.

Here's my Spring Splat Splatter:
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As always, Happy Lacquering! =)