Sunday, February 2, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer Multichrome Birds Collection

*Press Sample*
Hello Lovelies! Carolyn sent me multichrome beauties to share with you and I am certain that these are six that you will not want to miss out on. I will tell you right now, these polishes all applied perfectly and for my swatches, I chose to skip using a topcoat. Due to the fact that lighting plays a huuuuge roll in the color of these glorious polishes, I have multiple shots from varying angles to show you just how unique each polish really is. :) Now, onto the gorgeousness!

This is Liquid Sky Lacquer Heavenly Hummingbird.

Heavenly Hummingbird is a "silver/green/pink multichrome".

This is Liquid Sky Lacquer Twilight Hummingbird.
Twilight Hummingbird is a "holo silver/green/pink multichrome".

This is Liquid Sky Lacquer Bird Of Paradise.
Bird Of Paradise is a "blue/red multichrome".

This is Liquid Sky Lacquer Twilight Plumage.
Twilight Plumage is a "holo blue/red multichrome".

This is Liquid Sky Lacquer Mystical Peacock.
Mystical Peacock is a "cyan/purple multichrome".

 This is Liquid Sky Lacquer Twilight Peacock.
Twilight Peacock is a "holo cyan/purple multichrome".

"Birds are thought to symbolize freedom, as they walk on the earth, swim in the water and soar in the sky. They symbolize the link between heaven and earth." This collection has colors that truly look and feel otherworldly.  

To purchase these and other Liquid Sky Lacquer polishes, visit Carolyn's shop here. Also, make sure you head over and like Liquid Sky Lacquer on FB and follow whimsicalcolor on Instagram to stay updated on restocks and new polish releases.

Have a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday and as always,

*These polishes were sent for my honest review.*


  1. What gorgeous shades these all are! They look like their glowing too :)

  2. Oh Rychelle!!! You nailed it on capturing the multichromal shifts on these! Carolyn is so lucky to have you as a swatcher!