Monday, April 8, 2013

Creations By Lynda Fairytale Dreams Collection (Set One)

Hello Lovelies! I'm excited to share a brand new line of handmade nail polish with you from Creations By Lynda. Lynda sent me her entire first set of the Fairytale Dreams Collection, which happens to be inspired by a certain television show called Once Upon A Time. I am a HUUUGE fan of the show, so I had a blast connecting the creativity in Lynda's polishes to the characters.

This is Creations By Lynda Snow Day.
Snow Day has "a shimmery pearl white base with flecks of tiny iridescent and blue matte glitter, inspired by Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard."
Ahhh...this is frosted goodness. I will be wearing this polish more than once.

This is Creations By Lynda Swan Song.

Swan Song "is inspired by Emma Swan and has a nude shimmer base which reflects hints of coral and rose, with burgundy and berry glitter."
This one is unique~it almost looks like a yummy scoop of ice cream to me.
This is Creations By Lynda Charming One.
Charming One has "a shimmery green base color with blue, and multiple shades of green glitter flecks, inspired by David/Prince Charming."
The teal POPS so nicely against the green!
This is Creations By Lynda Golden Spindle.

Golden Spindle is "a gold base color with black shreds and lots of shimmery micro gold glitter flecks, inspired by Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold."
I really, really like this polish. The gold shimmer and black shards work perfectly together.
This is Creations By Lynda Crimson Wolf.

Crimson Wolf is "red base with iridescent glitter inspired by Ruby/Red Riding Hood."
I found this polish was a bit on the thicker side. The crimson color itself is outstanding. I just would've loved seeing more of the iridescent glitter.   
 This is Creations By Lynda Wicked Enchantment.

Wicked Enchantment is "a purple based polish with hints of black shreds and silver stars. It was inspired by The Evil Queen/Regina Mills."
This purple is absolutely stunning. I loved it in the bottle and 10x more on my nails. The stars that came out on my brush are the ones in my pics. I did not have to fish for any of them. I did take a few seconds to place one or two.
bonus that Lynda included was one polish from her The Tempus Fugit Trio set.
I got Fusion!
This is Creations By Lynda Fusion.

Fusion is "a deep berry color that shows at sunset just before the sky darkens"  and is one of three colors that are "inspired literally by time itself and the colors that change during".
I love how the holo flecks make Fusion look like it literally sparkles.
I used two coats of polish on every mani to reach full opacity and one coat of Seche Vite as topcoat. I found the shimmery bases in Fairytale Dreams quite refreshing and different from any of the other polishes I have in my polish collection. My absolute favorites are Snow Day, Golden Spindle, and Wicked Enchantment. ^.^ And Fusion is AMAZING, too!

To purchase polishes from the Fairytale Dream Collection and other Creations by Lynda polishes, visit Lynda's shop here. Also, make sure you head over and like Creations By Lynda and The Nail Files By Lynda to stay updated on restocks and new polish releases.

Have a fantastic evening and as always,
Happy Lacquering! =)

*This polish was sent for my honest review*

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